Monday, September 22, 2014

Screen Capture Study

Hi guys, here's another screen cap study and below is the source image:

Monday, September 8, 2014


Hi guys,
This blog has been quiet for far too long now so I thought I'd upload a couple random studies I did recently. The first one is an environment study from our camp near Santa Monica mountains on our road trip here in California. The second is just a quick colour study (from a random photo) I did on the iPhone whenever I had a bit of extra time.

Hope you guys managed to enjoy the summer. Look forward to skyping with you all again later! Take care of yourselves! :)

Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Good morning everybody!
As Gabriel, I'm starting with my deepest apologizes for disappearing. July has been a crazy month, I've been under a lot of stress and I really couldn't hold everything together anymore. But! I had my week of vacation on August, I went back to work and I run here and there for a couple of weeks because I had to manage the house renovation without the help of my father, who was on vacation too. Now I have two weeks of unemployment before I have my contract renewed ( I'm poor, but also very happy 'cause I needed a break), so I'm collecting all the work I did in July and I'll post it soon! I'm also starting to move boxes and look for furniture, so it will take a while. :)
How is it going for you guys?

Lot of love!


Saturday, August 9, 2014

My most deep apologies to the team ...

Hello guys !

I am so sorry for my miss connection ! it has been a hard and busy time in Prague, not only regarding emotional and economical situation. After my break up with Kattka I needed to get the first job available to pay extra expenses here in Europe and that was of course and advertisement agency who hired me ! so I guess I can not run out of my destiny ! hahaha. Nowadays I am working there 24 - 7 as agencies are used to work and don't have time to produce any art piece nor either be on time for the class on Fridays ! And honestly this wasn't my goal to just disappear ! but I couldn't manage it better ! so sorry for this guys ! please don't take it as a lack of respect it wasn't my goal at all to left the class with out a trace ! you are a great team, amazing people, ultra talented artist and over all friends ! and I know that we will bump into each other soon again !

So the future now for me is to come back to Argentina, probably in September if there no another project coming on in Prague. Then I assume that I would be able to re join you guys and keep learning from Master Jim ! who I really admire and appreciate not only his outstanding talent but also he's positive attitude and willing to help ! it is not easy at all to find out people like him around ! so take care of him in my absence please ! :)

Ok, said this ! I know all of you are in a quite of break but I also know that you will ciber meet again soon ! hope you guys have a good time keep rocking it and lets have a drink together in the country that you most like ! :))

PS: I mess up something in my google account and I don't get why my older post in Project Viborg  just disappear from the blog ! does any body know how to put them back ? where they linked to my google account ?

PS2: Jim will write you an email with more details about my trip back to Buenos Aires ! also I showed Moon lighter at the agency and they love it, I am in Young & Rubicam Prague, so don't know about the budget situation, but still it is good to let them know that Moon Lighter does exist !

Have a great time guys ! and see u soon !!! :)

Monday, August 4, 2014

Hey Guys

It looks like there's alot of stuff going on with people right now between vacations and business and life, so why don't we take a break from formalized assignments for a bit-if you want to post any sketches or studies here, please do and I'll do my best to comment ( and you guys should too! )

Otherwise, let's wait until september and see if things clear up a bit then

thanks much and take care!


Thursday, July 31, 2014

Little Three Cupids Storyboard Draft

Hi guys!
Here is my storyboard draft made on the plane and quickly put together in Photoshop. I chose to make it as a film storyboard as that's how the story came to me on the plane while I was dozing off, but I might redo it as a small comic strip later in my own time.

Basically, it's just a short story about the three little Cupids showing off each their ability from their fluffy clouds using nearby planes as their victims.

I'll be there for the meeting this Friday, so talk to you then! :)

Friday, July 18, 2014

Weapon + character 4

Hey everybody!
I haven't had time at all to work, so these are just a few things that I've been able to do. 

Candy Character 02

Hi guys, here's some more explorations on my candy cupid character for my candy crossbow. I liked all of the initial three directions, but I decided to go with the sweet character for the most contrast to my usual theme.
I might take the "hyper" one further as well at some point. Maybe with his own super crazy and delicious candy weapon.

Talk to you tonight! (And after that I don't really know when I'll be free for the next skype session since I'm going to the States, but I'll let you guys know as soon as I do!)

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Prop Rev 1

This is a new version of the gun based on past suggestions. I still have to finish the perspective.

Talk tomorrow!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Random Illu

Hi all,

I wanted to share this study with my colleagues, I created this mix between an amazon warrior and a philipine head hunter, it's off track with our current assignments but I wanted to try out something fast. Any feedback is precious!

Later in the week I will post the weapon render and the other assets I am creating for the demo.
Thank you so much for your attention and sorry for not being there with you last friday.

Talk soon!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Prop Design 04 + Character

SO here's a presentation of my candy crossbow - remember to brush your teeth! - and a few character silhouettes. I'm experimenting with a few candy shaped characters and some more humanoid ones.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Weapon + character 4

More studies, I could go on for weeks!

Prop Design 03

I think I want to go with the bottom crossbow as the colours are more soft and gentle which better fits the purpose of it shooting sugary sweetness into the hearts of its targets.

(Sorry about all the liqorice, Jim. You resent it so much, you had it coming! ;) )

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Weapon prop 2

Hello everyone!

I did some render and tried to apply the perspective trick Jim taught us.
The perspective and front view need a lot more work as I just started
on them.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Weapon + character 3

Hey guys! This week, as it's a long process, I decided to show you the silhouette a little in advance. If you have any suggestion on which one you would like to see develop, please give it to me! :D 
Baci to everybody!

Friday, June 27, 2014

Weapon + Character 2

As we said last week, I started working on a complete character. I decided to include in the silhouette the bazooka to keep the body and weapon shapes connected to each other. I chose a couple of silhouette that inspired me and try to see where they were leading me. I wanted to try more of them and go further with the development but with the house and the work, I haven't had enough energy. This time I want to make it right and take even more time if I need :)

Prop Design 02

Some more explorations of silhouette and candy elements.
It's proving to be really effective therapy to paint sweets when trying to get rid of sugar addictions! ^_^

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Bolter Prop Design 1 + Env inspiration

Hello everyone!

As Jim knows I am collaborating with a videogame art academy in Italy for which I helping out with the creation of some concept for a demo to be given to third year students as base for more programming and 3d modeling exercises (they have some deficiencies on the concept art side of the production and my doing my best to help them out thanks to Jim). Anyway, the world in which the demo takes place is filled with concrete and steel and it's a world where machines rebelled to the human race. At a point in history, construction drones went on a building frenzy to create their perfect mechanical order and this led them to cover the entire earth surface with buildings. The main character is an explorer set to recover some territory for the few human groups left that are now striving to survive in disperate condition in this gigantic cluster of structures.
In this context humans are at a less advanced technological level compared to drones who on the contrary continued to evolve by themself.
The character has a bolter armed with bullets (no lasers or anything very advanced), he is also protected by an exo suit (a very tough armor with an exoskeleton) that allows him to survive alone for very long periods of time and in most climatic conditions.

The first page is filled with some of my references for the world and my sketch in the center, while the second page is filled with some ref and my weapon prop  for the main character of the demo.
Talk soon!

Update: added corridor sketch, I made a large use of textures.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Weapons 1

Just in time! I decided to go with a bazooka, but a massive, insane, out of proportion one!
I'm picturing that its owner is a female character from a video game (I want it too crazy to be in a movie), you can imagine someone like Tank Girl or Jinx of LoL. :)

Thursday, June 19, 2014

screen cap study

i couldn't let you guys have all the fun

Prop Design 01

Hi guys! So as you can see I've chosen to design a crossbow made of candy. I haven't quite decided whether it should have the deadly power of inflicting diabetes on people or whether it's more of a cupid thing; making people nicer and happier. We can put it to a vote. ;)

Here's my ref:

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Screen Capture Study

Here's my study done in approx. 4,5 hours. I adjusted the tones and saturation of the colours and added a tiny bit more rim light to the two characters to complement the focus area and intensify the mood.
I may have made his head a tad too big again, but he's a villain at the moment so he had it coming!

Here's the original:

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Movie painting 2

Hello hello! This is my frame of the week. Now that I see it here I already found many things to improve, but I don't have anymore time. Tomorrow I'm going to France and I won't be with you on Friday, so I'll talk to you in two weeks! 

Au revoir à tout le monde!

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Paint 2

I painted this screencap from Elisium in around 6 hours. I tried to maintain some level of detail while trying to bring more focus on the main char in the center of the screen trough the use of contrast, as you advised Jim. 
I'll post a new one in a couple of days. Talk soon!

Friday, June 6, 2014


Hey everybody! This is the classic Japanese symbol for awkward. I've been super busy with the works for the new house and I found only a couple of hours todo my homework. So it's not finished. For this week I'll just show you a WIP:

This is the frame I chose:

Forgive me!!!!

Ps. I've got a problem at work, maybe I'll be a little late!

Screen Capture Study

Approx. 6 hours of picking colours and eyeballing the ref.
I used my own custom tree brushes for the trees and foliage or it would have been at least another 6 hours! ^_^

And here's the ref for reference:

Monday, June 2, 2014

Painting 1

I tried to paint it in 6 hours as assisgned. Now...what movie is it? (:

Friday, May 30, 2014

Monster Head 2

Render with sketches!

Creature design: heads 3

He's my new friend. We met at the pond. He's 1/3 golden fish, 1/3 catfish and 1/3 invented. I still don't know exactly how to treat the skin and how the light works on him.

And these are the brushes that I had left at work last week.
Talk to you soon!