Saturday, August 9, 2014

My most deep apologies to the team ...

Hello guys !

I am so sorry for my miss connection ! it has been a hard and busy time in Prague, not only regarding emotional and economical situation. After my break up with Kattka I needed to get the first job available to pay extra expenses here in Europe and that was of course and advertisement agency who hired me ! so I guess I can not run out of my destiny ! hahaha. Nowadays I am working there 24 - 7 as agencies are used to work and don't have time to produce any art piece nor either be on time for the class on Fridays ! And honestly this wasn't my goal to just disappear ! but I couldn't manage it better ! so sorry for this guys ! please don't take it as a lack of respect it wasn't my goal at all to left the class with out a trace ! you are a great team, amazing people, ultra talented artist and over all friends ! and I know that we will bump into each other soon again !

So the future now for me is to come back to Argentina, probably in September if there no another project coming on in Prague. Then I assume that I would be able to re join you guys and keep learning from Master Jim ! who I really admire and appreciate not only his outstanding talent but also he's positive attitude and willing to help ! it is not easy at all to find out people like him around ! so take care of him in my absence please ! :)

Ok, said this ! I know all of you are in a quite of break but I also know that you will ciber meet again soon ! hope you guys have a good time keep rocking it and lets have a drink together in the country that you most like ! :))

PS: I mess up something in my google account and I don't get why my older post in Project Viborg  just disappear from the blog ! does any body know how to put them back ? where they linked to my google account ?

PS2: Jim will write you an email with more details about my trip back to Buenos Aires ! also I showed Moon lighter at the agency and they love it, I am in Young & Rubicam Prague, so don't know about the budget situation, but still it is good to let them know that Moon Lighter does exist !

Have a great time guys ! and see u soon !!! :)


  1. no need for apologies sir! It sounds like it's been a difficult time for you, so take care of your business- we'll be here!

    good luck sir!

  2. Hey dear Gab, so good to hear from you again! Sorry to hear about all the trouble you have to go through. It sounds like very turbulent times for Mr. Argentina. I hope things clear up for you very soon! :)

    Take care of yourself first and foremost! Don't stress about this - we fully understand you need the time to sort things out and we'll keep the boat floating and welcome you back with a glass of your favourite liquor - once you feel you're ready to come back to Virtual Viborg! ;)

    (Btw, I see your posts on the blog but instead of the image there's a restriction icon. Maybe you set your google account/profile to some kind of private setting?)

    Take really good care of yourself, Gab! Miss you and can't wait to have you back! :)