Saturday, August 9, 2014

My most deep apologies to the team ...

Hello guys !

I am so sorry for my miss connection ! it has been a hard and busy time in Prague, not only regarding emotional and economical situation. After my break up with Kattka I needed to get the first job available to pay extra expenses here in Europe and that was of course and advertisement agency who hired me ! so I guess I can not run out of my destiny ! hahaha. Nowadays I am working there 24 - 7 as agencies are used to work and don't have time to produce any art piece nor either be on time for the class on Fridays ! And honestly this wasn't my goal to just disappear ! but I couldn't manage it better ! so sorry for this guys ! please don't take it as a lack of respect it wasn't my goal at all to left the class with out a trace ! you are a great team, amazing people, ultra talented artist and over all friends ! and I know that we will bump into each other soon again !

So the future now for me is to come back to Argentina, probably in September if there no another project coming on in Prague. Then I assume that I would be able to re join you guys and keep learning from Master Jim ! who I really admire and appreciate not only his outstanding talent but also he's positive attitude and willing to help ! it is not easy at all to find out people like him around ! so take care of him in my absence please ! :)

Ok, said this ! I know all of you are in a quite of break but I also know that you will ciber meet again soon ! hope you guys have a good time keep rocking it and lets have a drink together in the country that you most like ! :))

PS: I mess up something in my google account and I don't get why my older post in Project Viborg  just disappear from the blog ! does any body know how to put them back ? where they linked to my google account ?

PS2: Jim will write you an email with more details about my trip back to Buenos Aires ! also I showed Moon lighter at the agency and they love it, I am in Young & Rubicam Prague, so don't know about the budget situation, but still it is good to let them know that Moon Lighter does exist !

Have a great time guys ! and see u soon !!! :)

Monday, August 4, 2014

Hey Guys

It looks like there's alot of stuff going on with people right now between vacations and business and life, so why don't we take a break from formalized assignments for a bit-if you want to post any sketches or studies here, please do and I'll do my best to comment ( and you guys should too! )

Otherwise, let's wait until september and see if things clear up a bit then

thanks much and take care!