Thursday, June 26, 2014

Bolter Prop Design 1 + Env inspiration

Hello everyone!

As Jim knows I am collaborating with a videogame art academy in Italy for which I helping out with the creation of some concept for a demo to be given to third year students as base for more programming and 3d modeling exercises (they have some deficiencies on the concept art side of the production and my doing my best to help them out thanks to Jim). Anyway, the world in which the demo takes place is filled with concrete and steel and it's a world where machines rebelled to the human race. At a point in history, construction drones went on a building frenzy to create their perfect mechanical order and this led them to cover the entire earth surface with buildings. The main character is an explorer set to recover some territory for the few human groups left that are now striving to survive in disperate condition in this gigantic cluster of structures.
In this context humans are at a less advanced technological level compared to drones who on the contrary continued to evolve by themself.
The character has a bolter armed with bullets (no lasers or anything very advanced), he is also protected by an exo suit (a very tough armor with an exoskeleton) that allows him to survive alone for very long periods of time and in most climatic conditions.

The first page is filled with some of my references for the world and my sketch in the center, while the second page is filled with some ref and my weapon prop  for the main character of the demo.
Talk soon!

Update: added corridor sketch, I made a large use of textures.