Monday, September 30, 2013

Paintover #1

hey guys, hope you're having fun with your portraits. I know I threw alot of information at you on the portrait stuff, so don't get too frustrated if you're not getting the results you want. There's nothing more difficult than learning the intricacies of the human face.

 To help with that,I'm going to give a quick paintover to give Andrea some help on his portrait.

First of all this protrait is really off to a good start in general- the big shapes are all blocked in well and it has a believable mass . I think with just a few adjustments we can push this in the right direction. Here's some areas I would recommend addressing:

1. the light could use another pass to make it a bit more cohesive- judging from the shadow on the nose, I placed the light source for us to define the forms a bit more.

2. on a young person, generally the brow ridge is not this pronounced- we will flatten this down a bit

3. We can push the eyes a bit larger to feel a more age appropriate-remember younger people will generally have larger eyes.

4. Generally a child of this age will probably have a shorter less pronounced nose bridge-certain ethnicities or face types may actually be in this range, but based on the reference, I'm going to adjust things into a more baseline look. Also, we can probably shorten it in general just a bit.

5. the mouth could use a bit of refinement, and we'll move it up a bit as well as a result of shortening the nose

1. Lighting-at this stage simply thinking of the skull area as a large sphere will be enough to bring the shape into focus-also bringing the light down into the cheeks will help tie the face together

2. We can push the brow ridge down by hitting it with more light, particularly in the area between the eyes

3. Just a small adjustment on the eye size will really change the entire look of the face- this is a good trick in general when you're contructing faces

4. Once again, we push the shape back towards the surface of the face by giving it more light, reducing the cast shadow, and connecting it to the surrounding masses. Also, I've narrowed the nose bridge and turned the nose upward slightly ( revealing nostils) to give a more boyish look

5. Finally, some anatomical clean up on the mouth, after moving it up slightly

Here's the end result (after adding a hairline)-although this may not necessarily be the desired finished look, hopefully this demo should help you to push things closer to your intended result

Let me know if this is helpful for you!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Post Apocalyptic Character Design, Face Study

Character face study 1

Character face study 2
Some sketches with values for the character face.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Post-Apocalyptic Ice Age: Character and Environment Development 02

Here are the improved environment thumb and character design for this week.

Life Drawings

Here's this round's figure drawings. Not so many this time, but I threw in a longer study instead.

Post Apocalyptic Character Design with Costume Sets

Characters Costumes Sketches

A few character costumes based on last session indications and tips!

Some human figure sketching with muscle study below:

Human Figure with muscle anatomy

Monday, September 16, 2013

BLACK CARDINAL // Tumbails + Head Design + Concept Design


Black Cardinal is our bad guy, he is a bio mechanical creature which seems to remains left just a human head. He is old very old and had being fighting throughout many inter galactic wars while centuries.
The replacement of his body parts and organs by mechanical high tech pieces made the scientific miracle of keep him alive, he is extremely fast and dangerous, he is smart and brutal, he has no mercy and hunger of power.

References Image: Background + Characters + Old Man


Post-Apocalyptic Ice Age: Character and Environment Development 01


Set in the year of 4500 AC, a new Ice Age is covering an already flooded planet Earth, making it hard to survive on what little land is left.
The human population have scrambled together in advanced sustainable underwater homes, but have lost much knowledge and are only capable of maintaining the systems. Because of that they have found a way to implement devices in Mammoths that generate the energy they need for their underwater habitats, but Mammoths are wild animals and only a select few have what it takes to approach these groups of huge animals and collect this energy from them. This is where our character comes into the picture. He's been wandering the icy fields for ages to help keep the rest of mankind alive. But now he's getting old…

And here's this round's life drawing collection:

Assignment from last time:

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Post Apocalyptic Character Design and Environment Sketching

Color Scheme for main character
Character concepts
Environment sketches

Setting: 2040, earth is a pale shadow of a civilized world, a chemical conflict for territory have polluted natural resources and left a moving cloud of toxic waste. People is trying to survive by hiding and travelling constantly between the wastelands, completely abandoned by any form of civil society and oppressed by a military dicatorship created by corporations who are controlling the last safe havens available on earth. Wind is the worst enemy as it brings the poisonous cloud, any travel has to be fast and well planned in order to be always in reach of a shelter.

Character: Shaun is a 13 years old boy. He grew up like a normal kid till the day the chemical conflict broke. Two years after the conflict started, what at first was considered another distant war somewhere else in the world, reached Shaun's family to their doorstep.
The conflict escalated to the point of no return and in order to destroy each other, the nations started to poison each others natural resources while at the same time trying to protect and control what was left. Because of war Shaun was separated from his family very soon, finding himself completely alone in that nightmare with the only desire to join his parents. He is a boy with a very introverted character but a stubborn attitude, war stole much of his innocence and while being fundamentally good he is capable of difficult decisions in order to protect himself. The only remnants of his past life are a baseball hat and a glove, old gifts form his father. In order to travel lightly and fast he wears rags or what he can find on the road and a few other important tools.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Welcome to Project Viborg

Hey guys, this will be our official place to post our in progress works, paintovers and finished stuff so everyone can see all the fabulous work everyone is doing! ( Not to mention all the figure drawing that I know you guys are doing!)Eventually hopefully we can even get our demo videos up if it's not too much trouble either!

So what are you waiting for! start posting!