Thursday, July 31, 2014

Little Three Cupids Storyboard Draft

Hi guys!
Here is my storyboard draft made on the plane and quickly put together in Photoshop. I chose to make it as a film storyboard as that's how the story came to me on the plane while I was dozing off, but I might redo it as a small comic strip later in my own time.

Basically, it's just a short story about the three little Cupids showing off each their ability from their fluffy clouds using nearby planes as their victims.

I'll be there for the meeting this Friday, so talk to you then! :)


  1. X°°°D The fluffy clouds!
    I'm sorry guys but I can't show you mine, I left everything at home, also the sheets with the new characters for the project. As next week I'll be on vacation I need to stay in the office a little longer to finish a couple of things. I'm trying to open Skype but I need to install an update and I haven't the psw. So, let's keep in touch about the future sessions!

    1. Looking forward to your next upload and hearing how things are going! Have a great vacation, sis! :)