Sunday, July 13, 2014

Random Illu

Hi all,

I wanted to share this study with my colleagues, I created this mix between an amazon warrior and a philipine head hunter, it's off track with our current assignments but I wanted to try out something fast. Any feedback is precious!

Later in the week I will post the weapon render and the other assets I am creating for the demo.
Thank you so much for your attention and sorry for not being there with you last friday.

Talk soon!


  1. Hey Andy, it's looking really good! Nice concept! I'd suggest maybe considering adding those spikes to his other arm as well for balance and maybe adding some kind of a spear or something else on top of the walking stick. You could also add more accessories to his belt like bead necklaces, strings, tools or other trophies like bird wings or cut off fingers.
    Also, I like how the details on him are kind of fading into the atmosphere on his arm furthest away, but depending on the level of finish you want I'd suggest maybe pushing the details/hard edges a little on his head and the part of his body closest to us to create more contrast between areas in focus and areas outside focus.
    That's my hopefully useful two cents. Talk to you next Friday. :)

  2. Tnx Nat for the very useful tips! I applied them and posted the new image with your suggestion, I applied a sharpen of the left side of the character and a blur on the arm (I also resized it)

    Tnx again!

  3. wow that's some good feedback nat!

    i think the latest version has some good decisions in it! I would agree that some accessories would help to bring the character into focus- what kind of equipment does this person have? also giving some attention to the surfaces will help too- what kind of cloth is that? is it a fur skin? if so, what kind of animal?