Wednesday, March 12, 2014

New Assignment: Creature development!

Hey guys,

sorry I didn't post this sooner, but it's good for you to get used to tighter deadlines anyway haha

so you guys are doing great on portraits, but now we are going to switch to creatures for something new!

We are going to start easy for now- the emphasis of this first task is to learn about forms, textures and anatomy of existing creatures!

so, your assignment is to the following sketches:

-3 mammals

-3 reptiles

-3 insects

go on google, find some nice pictures of interesting animals ( try to find some unusual creatures! not the typical cat or dog or something -surprise us!) then just do a study of the image- it can be a 20-40 minute study- it does not have to be super polished.

Post these on friday so we can talk about your works then!

good luck!

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