Sunday, March 30, 2014

Insects studies 1

Hi guys! 
This is my first entry for the group, so I'll add a few notes. First, this has been incredibly hard for me! I really don't know how you can reach that amazing level in such a short time! 
I think that the silver one took me much more that 40 minutes. The second took me exactly 40 min and with the third I tried to stay in the 20 minutes. It has been very interesting for me to try with a fixed time. 
I hope I'll improve next time!:)


  1. Hey sis, great to see your work! It's looking really nice already and don't worry you'll improve fast with these exercises like the rest of us! :) (I really like your last guy with the big eyes! :D )

  2. I was really trying to do that eye realistic, but apparently there's something in me that goes to cartoon no matter what! XD