Friday, May 9, 2014

Creature Design: Mythical Creature 02

A bunch of paintovers  (thanks to Andy for the 3D model!) exploring the mythical creature theme.

And a bunch of custom brushes. The first ones are my homemade basic brushes which I use quite regularly. The last one in the set I made for this week. I was trying to come up with a nice painterly skin texture brush - not sure it works that well though.
The last two are some of the foliage brushes I made to give texture to the background in my insect illustration.
If you guys want any of these I can send them via email. :)

Talk to you guys tonight!


  1. How many are they!?!?!? Craaaazy sister! Of course my favorite is the fluffy one!! I can't stop looking at his eyes! Does it bite? XD

  2. Haha :D Yes, I like him too! I call him... Puppy-man! :D I don't think he's got a mouth at this point but he's got a very polished puppy-stare skill, so avoid eye contact at all time!! So disturbing!

  3. X°°°°°°°°°D The guy next to him have enough mouth for both of them!