Thursday, December 19, 2013

Close Support Craft Pilot 01

A bunch of initial sketches and silhouettes. I want my pilot to be very tall and elongated as well as physically fit so he'll be able to fly in higher altitudes as well as low. Also, I want to give ham a cool indifferent attitude like a Danish pedestrian. ^_^
I guess his costume should be less chunky and somewhat streamlined since it seems that's where new engineering is taking us.

Unfortunately, I found it hard to find much info about the smaller accessories/gadgets in a pilot's attire, but I did find it very helpful to get an understanding of the various uniforms' general functions.

Here are my refs:

Have a great and well-deserved holiday, mia/mi famiglia/familia di/de Viborg! Skype you again in the new year! :)

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  1. Great sketches and ref sheet! I'll post more info when I get a bit more time...happy holidays to you guys as well!