Thursday, November 7, 2013

New Assignment: Design a ship

hey guys, I know you are continuing to work on your current pieces but I'm going to give you some new stuff to think about in the meantime!

Assignment: Close Support Craft

project type: game

description: create a concept design for a flying Close Support Craft based on primitive geometry provided. CSC are all purpose vehicles that can be customized for various specific battlefield assignments. They are generally rugged and not very flashy, relying instead on low tech solutions and toughness. Real world references would include Hum vees and ground support helicopters ( see Ref page ) 

* bonus: customize your CSC to your country of origin

setting: this game is set in a near future conflict taking place in urban areas across several continents. The tech level is slightly above present day, but not super futuristic

Getting started: I recommend thinking about the specific job you want this to do- is this a heavily armored combat unit? is it a cargo hauling unit? a medical unit? after that, start working right on top of the geo loosely to generate quick ideas and silhouettes.Don't get too hung up on the starting geo- this is just an example of placeholder geo which is just there to determine the dimensions, primarily.

the geo:

the ref:

so, get to sketching and we can talk about this more next time we meet!


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