Saturday, October 5, 2013

Post Apocalyptic Env Design, Scene setup and quick color study

Environment value study

Environment color study
Visualization for the development of environment + character. I tried to focus on creating a diffuse light like sun rays trough clouds or dust.


  1. What do you think guys? any feedback is appreciated!

  2. I love it man !! looks great !! how about to add some huge propeller like a turbo Inger to keep the contaminated air out of the mayor places in the city !? the air is the worst enemy based on your script isn´t it ??

  3. wow outstanding Andrea! you're off to a great start for sure! When we talk I'll be asking you about some design decisions related to the story kind of like Gabriel just be ready to answer some tough questions!

  4. Looking really great! Very moody. :) I'm not sure it'll fit what you have in mind, but how about implying that someone's living in the car or having a group of people looking at the boy from the windows in the stores?