Sunday, September 15, 2013

Post Apocalyptic Character Design and Environment Sketching

Color Scheme for main character
Character concepts
Environment sketches

Setting: 2040, earth is a pale shadow of a civilized world, a chemical conflict for territory have polluted natural resources and left a moving cloud of toxic waste. People is trying to survive by hiding and travelling constantly between the wastelands, completely abandoned by any form of civil society and oppressed by a military dicatorship created by corporations who are controlling the last safe havens available on earth. Wind is the worst enemy as it brings the poisonous cloud, any travel has to be fast and well planned in order to be always in reach of a shelter.

Character: Shaun is a 13 years old boy. He grew up like a normal kid till the day the chemical conflict broke. Two years after the conflict started, what at first was considered another distant war somewhere else in the world, reached Shaun's family to their doorstep.
The conflict escalated to the point of no return and in order to destroy each other, the nations started to poison each others natural resources while at the same time trying to protect and control what was left. Because of war Shaun was separated from his family very soon, finding himself completely alone in that nightmare with the only desire to join his parents. He is a boy with a very introverted character but a stubborn attitude, war stole much of his innocence and while being fundamentally good he is capable of difficult decisions in order to protect himself. The only remnants of his past life are a baseball hat and a glove, old gifts form his father. In order to travel lightly and fast he wears rags or what he can find on the road and a few other important tools.

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  1. I really like the backstory on might be a good idea to consider the exact nature of the poisonous gas in this world- what does it do to you exactly? perhaps there's more than 1 type? maybe gases combine to form new terrible mixtures?

    so many possibilities!